iOS 7’s Color Scheme and Icons Get Mixed Reactions

Over the past few days, the iOS 7 color scheme and icons’ design have been at the center of debates, proof that Jony Ive’s design managed to get a lot of mixed reactions. From fellow designers that appreciate its overall functionality but feel there’s something missing to critics that managed to see in the new iOS a gender issue, Apple is being slashed at for paying more attention to profit margins rather than bothering to take things seriously and release something amazing.

The difference in visual aspect is the first thing people notice when they look at Apple’s iOS 7 and compare it with the previous firmware. Although has features that improves Multitasking, Control Center and the Notification Center, most people were too overwhelmed by the change in icons’ design, which in all fairness feels a bit sketchy. There’s something that bothers us, yet it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what.

Perhaps it is the icons’ shape, which Ben Moss of Webdesigner Depot notes that “many of the icons are clearly intended to be round, but are crammed inside rounded rectangles”. “Apple set out with good intentions, but their fear of profit margins kept from designing something truly exciting” Ben Moss concludes.

According to a report by The Next Web’s Matthew Panzarino, the problem with iOS 7’s design is caused a lack of communication within Apple’s design department. “We’ve also been hearing that there wasn’t a lot of communication between the various teams behind say, Mail and Safari” reads the report. “And that there were multiple teams inside each groups that were competing with various designs, leading to what some see as inconsistencies in icon design”.

For others, the color scheme for iOS 7 looks like it was “designed for giggling 13 year old girls”. Jim Lynch made the whole debate about iOS 7 about gender issue. “The color scheme is almost unbearable if you’re a man that appreciates the stronger, richer and more detailed icons in iOS 6. The first time you see the iOS 7 icons, it feels like somebody kicked you in the gut with no warning and for absolutely no reason” he writes.

But apart from radical views, designers’ complaints or Apple’s own marketing claims, the end user is the one who should be asked how he or she feels about the design changes in iOS 7. What they expected of iOS 7 in terms of design was a color scheme that matched the color of the device used and a more varied selection of choices. That doesn’t sound like it’s too much, does it Apple?

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